If you were a monster, what would you look like?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Hey! Hi! Hello! Herro! Hola!

Hey everyone-

  It's me, SAMANTA the owner of dis blog. Now, the word "princesses" most likely threw you off. You probably thought this was some little kid's blog. Nuh uh, gurlfrand. This is a site for 13+ GIRLS only. We are all monster princesses.. oh yeah. Here we talk about the things you CANT talk about at school.

  So, to start us off, this is the FIRST EVER post. I would like to know how you greet your friend when texting, talking, chatting online, etc., etc. Do you say "Yolo" or "Hey" or "Hola senorita!" Comment below and let me know!!
Remember to spread the word!

Bye fellow Princesses!